Dear Esteemed Scientists,

The 4th Ispes Congress (International Sport & Health Congress) will be held on 10th - 11th of September 2021 under the auspices of the Istanbul Rumeli University. As ISPESCONGRESS, we will be pleased to welcome researchers, educators, graduate students and professionals from all over the world.

Declarations will be accepted in all branches of health and sports. In addition to the papers, poster presentations will be included.

Notices can be written anad presented in Turkish and English and the participants are expected to make their presentations in 15 minutes. Besides, the notices will be evaluated by the double-blind-referee process and the accepted notices will be published in the Abstract Booklet with ISBN.

After the symposium, the full texts of the notices presented at the congress can be published as an article in international refereed journals whose names are predetermined in line with the author's request or as an Isbn in the Full Text Book.

Ispescongress meets all academic upgrade and associate professorship criteria except academic incentives.

A photograph exhibition called “Those Moments in Sports” will be held within the scope of the congress. Please see that the exhibition is free of charge and no certificate of participation will be issued.

Hope to see you at ISPESCONGRESS ...


  • 18.05.2021

    Start of Sending Abstract

  • 31.08.2021

    Duedate of Sending Abstract

  • 01.09.2021

    Announcement of Accepted Notices

  • 05.09.2021

    Duedate of Payment

  • 07.09.2021

    Announcement of the Symposium Programme

  • 10.09.2021

    Start of the Symposium

  • 11.09.2021

    End of the Symposium

  • 12.09.2021

    Full Text Delivery Starting Date

  • 17.09.2021

    Full Text Delivery Ending Date

  • 20.09.2021

    Start of Choosing Journal

  • 27.09.2021

    Duedate of Choosing Journal